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Scope / Anticircumvention Inquiries

Scope/Anticircumvention Inquiries

The Department of Commerce (“DOC”) has the responsibility to investigate whether products are covered by the scope of an antidumping duty (“ADD”) and/or countervailing duty (“CVD”) order and whether merchandise […]

ADD/CVD Litigation in the CIT and CAFC

ADD/CVD Litigation in the CIT and CAFC

ADD/CVD investigations are adversarial matters and GDLSK’s representation of our clients’ interests does not stop after the DOC/USITC issues their administrative decisions.  When we are successful for our clients at […]

Trade Remedies: Sections 201, 232 and 301

Trade Remedies: Sections 201, 232 and 301

In addition to normal customs duty and ADD/CVD assessments,  imported products may be subject to additional duties pursuant to  variety of trade remedy laws including: Section 301 of the Trade […]

The Enforce and Protect Act

The Enforce and Protect Act

The Enforce and Protect Act (“EAPA”) was enacted in 2016 and provides a mechanism for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to investigate allegations of ADD/CVD evasion. These cases normally […]

Customs Broker Regulation

Customs Broker Regulation

The Firm offers courses in preparation for the semi-annual April and October Customs Broker License Examinations. The Firm has held highly successful exam preparation courses in Boston, Charleston, Greensboro, Los […]

ADD/CVD Investigations and Annual Reviews at the DOC

ADD/CVD Investigations and Annual Reviews at the DOC

GDLSK represents foreign manufacturers and exporters before the Department of Commerce (“DOC”) in defending against claims by U.S. producers that imported merchandise was sold at less than fair value (antidumping […]

Material Injury Investigations at the USITC

Material Injury Investigations at the USITC

GDLSK represents foreign manufacturers, exporters, importers, and U.S. customers at the United States International Trade Commission (“USITC”) to defend claims by U.S. producers that a domestic industry is being materially […]

Forced Labor Exclusions: UFLPA

Forced Labor Exclusions: UFLPA

Beginning June 21, 2022, goods produced wholly or in part in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (“Xinjiang”), or by entities identified by the Department of Homeland Security in the enforcement […]


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Customs valuation involves the application of complex statutory formulas to determine the dutiable value of imported merchandise. The manner in which import transactions are structured and documented frequently affects dutiable […]

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), formally known as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provides for duty-free or preferred rates of duty for goods shipped between the United States, […]

Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

We work with our clients to gather all pertinent security information, draft and implement trade security policies and procedures, and complete and submit the finished C-TPAT application.

Product Admissibility

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Imported products are subject to a wide array of labeling, content and admissibility requirements which are administered by a variety of different federal agencies. The responsibility for administering and enforcing […]

Special Duty Programs

Special Duty Programs

There are a number of special programs available that can provide significant duty savings opportunities for importers. Duty-free or reduced duty treatment is potentially available through programs such as the United […]

Quotas and Import Restrictions

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The United States maintains a comprehensive system of import restraints that limit or prohibit the importation of certain merchandise. These measures have typically consisted of outright quantitative limits or tariff […]

Product Safety

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) promulgates standards for over 15,000 consumer products, from apparel to electrical articles to toys, which are imported or sold in the United States. Many […]

Due Diligence and Acquisitions

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Corporate due diligence exercises frequently overlook issues relating to undisclosed import and export transactions. We provide guidance to assist with due diligence and strategic business planning to determine the effect […]

Penalties, Seizures and Investigations

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Violations of US customs and trade laws can result in criminal prosecution, merchandise seizure and the assessment of penalties equal to the domestic wholesale value of the imported merchandise. Customs […]


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Almost all government decisions relating to the importation and exportation of merchandise can be challenged in court. However, an importer’s claims for relief are subject to very strict time frames […]

Legislation and Trade Policy Decisions


When clients are faced with unreasonable agency decisions, the unfair or inequitable application of law or policy, and litigation is either unavailable or an ineffective remedy, we have the expertise […]

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property - Designer Bags

Today, more than ever before, US Customs and Border Protection aggressively enforces intellectual property rights (IPR). Our firm’s attorneys assist clients with the electronic recordation of trademarks and copyrights. After […]

Foreign Trade Zones and Bonded Warehouses

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Logistics providers and importers can obtain significant cash flow benefits by deferring duties on stored goods and can minimize the total duty liability on manufactured items under one or more […]

Fish and Wildlife

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Imports or exports made in violation of US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) requirements are subject to exclusion and or seizure. Repeated violations can result in the revocation of an […]

Export Controls and Sanction Programs

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In response to concerns over the foreign transfer of sensitive technology, the United States has developed a complex and multi-faceted system of export controls which apply to a wide variety […]


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Whenever merchandise must be exported after importation, drawback provides for the refund of customs duties initially paid on the imported merchandise. The Firm possesses considerable expertise with respect to legal […]

Customs Rulings

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US Customs & Border Protection provides written binding advice upon request with respect to most issues within its jurisdiction. Such rulings may be requested from Customs Headquarters in certain instances, […]

Country of Origin and Marking

Country of Origin Marking (Flags)

The country of origin of imported products can impact the tariff status and marking requirements of imported merchandise. Origin determinations become complex when imported products undergo processing in more than […]

Compliance Assessments and Customs Audits

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The customs laws require that importers and exporters exercise reasonable care to assure that declarations on customs documents are true and correct. US Customs and Border Protection regularly audits importers […]