Intellectual Property

Today, more than ever before, US Customs and Border Protection aggressively enforces intellectual property rights (IPR). Our firm’s attorneys assist clients with the electronic recordation of trademarks and copyrights. After recordation, we continue to work with CBP officials around the country to maximize protection for our clients’ IPR by facilitating an exchange of relevant information regarding product features in order to help the authorities identify counterfeit and infringing products, distinguish between authorized and unauthorized sources of supply, identify authorized licensees, etc. We also counsel clients with regard to their rights in connection with gray market products and can leverage our knowledge in this area to defend importers against wrongful claims of infringement.

The Firm assists companies by:

  • Recording Trademarks and Copyrights with the US Copyright Office, US Patent & Trademark Office, and US Customs & Border Protection
  • Working with US Customs & Border Protection to assure the maximum protection of intellectual property rights, including the electronic submission of Product Identification Guides and the issuance of Trade Alerts
  • Defending against the wrongful exclusion of otherwise admissible trademarked or copyrighted merchandise