Supply Chain Security

Global supply chain security has emerged as a significant area of interest for the Department of Homeland Security and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). CBP has implemented a number of initiatives designed to secure the global supply chain.


The C-TPAT program is one layer in CBP’s multi-layered supply chain security enforcement strategy. Through this program, CBP works with the trade community to strengthen the international supply chain and US border security. The program is open to almost all parties participating in the movement of international goods, including carriers (ocean, air, rail, and truck), importers, selected foreign manufacturers, brokers, consolidators, ocean transportation intermediaries, port authorities, and terminal operators. While it is a voluntary program, CBP strongly encourages all trade partners to participate. Participants voluntarily agree to adopt and integrate the program’s security criteria into their supply chains.

Our firm assists clients with the C-TPAT process. The Firm successfully counsels companies through the certification, validation, and revalidation processes, and our efforts have assisted participants in achieving the highest level of participation (Tier III). We work with our clients to gather all pertinent security information, draft and implement trade security policies and procedures, and complete and submit the finished C-TPAT application. We create tailored C-TPAT policy and procedure manuals, assist C-TPAT members in conducting the required annual security profile review, and guide C-TPAT members through the 5-step risk assessment process. The Firm successfully works with companies to increase supply chain efficiency and cost savings, and minimize shipment delays.

The benefits of C-TPAT membership currently include the expedited processing of customs entries, a reduced number of inspections, an assigned CBP account manager and access to the C-TPAT membership list. C-TPAT certification also makes companies eligible for CBP programs, such as the Importer Self Assessment Program (ISA), which reduces Customs audits for importers that enact a voluntary self-assessment program, and the Free and Secure Trade Program (FAST), a program designed to expedite and facilitate commercial truck crossings over American borders.


The Firm can also assist companies in complying with the security criteria of other international security certifications, such as FAST (the US/Canada/Mexico initiative for securing and expediting ground shipments across North American borders), AEO (Authorized Economic Operator, the European initiative for security supply chains of products moving in Europe), PIP (Partners in Protection, the Canadian initiative for securing the supply chains related to imports into Canada), as well as other similar programs in Jordan, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore.