We believe that the interests of any company engaged in international trade are best served by attorneys who devote their energies exclusively to that discipline. The rules and regulations that govern customs and international trade matters are in a constant state of change and we work closely with the government agencies that regulate these areas.

We monitor developments in these areas and our lawyers are involved with these issues on a routine basis. Learn more about any of our practice areas by choosing from the list on this page.

World currencies
Antidumping, Countervailing Duty and Other Import Relief Laws
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Compliance Assessments and Customs Audits
Country of Origin Marking (Flags)
Country of Origin and Marking
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Cultural Property Laws
A green globe image with products surrounding the earth
Customs Broker Regulation
Antique brass telescope
Customs Rulings
Multicolor graph with world map on it
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Due Diligence and Acquisitions
Large Yellow Crane hoisting a oversized crate for freight.
Export Controls and Sanction Programs
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Fish and Wildlife
Warehouse shelves stocked full with cartons and brown boxes
Foreign Trade Zones and Bonded Warehouses
Intellectual Property - Designer Bags
Intellectual Property
Legislation and Trade Policy Decisions
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Black and white sign of an inspector inspecting contents of a box
Penalties, Seizures and Investigations
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Product Admissibility
A welding tool causing orange sparks in a sunburst pattern
Product Safety
A hand on a computer mouse in front of architectural drawings
Quotas and Import Restrictions
Special Duty Programs
Special Duty Programs
Supply Chain Security
Supply Chain Security
Red pair of womens dress shoes from the heel view
Tariff Classification
United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement
United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)
A series of coins from different currencies

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