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GDLSK Successfully Convinces ITC That CVD Orders Should Not Be Issued on Nails From Sri Lanka, India, Oman, and Turkey

On September 16, 2022, GDLSK received two unanimous decisions from the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) determining that a U.S. industry is not injured, or threatened with injury, by reason of U.S. imports of steel nails from India, Sri Lanka, Oman, and Turkey.

GDLSK represented Indian and Sri Lankan nail producers and a U.S. importer before the ITC.  GDLSK successfully convinced the ITC that imports of steel nails from Sri Lanka were too low to cause injury, and that those from all other countries were not injurious. The ITC agreed in a 5-0 vote. As a result of the ITC’s negative determinations, countervailing duties (CVD) will not go into effect on imports of steel nails from Sri Lanka, India, Oman and Turkey.  Any and all preliminary CVDs already collected will be refunded to U.S. importers.

GDLSK has had an unparalleled success rate before the ITC in recent years. Since January 2018, the ITC has issued 16 negative determinations in ADD/CVD material injury cases, and GDLSK has been counsel in five of these negative decisions (more than any other law firm).

For more information regarding this matter or GDLSK’s ITC practice, contact Ned H. Marshak ([email protected]) or William F. Marshall ([email protected]).


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