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Customs Results

  • Secured the release of shipments detained in connection with the alleged use of forced labor.
  • Established duty savings programs for numerous clients which have resulted in millions of dollars in annual duty savings through the implementation of valuation strategies including first sale under transaction value or alternative valuation formulas (transaction value of identical or similar merchandise, deductive value and computed value).
  • Structured related party pricing to meet U.S. Customs & Border Protection requirements.
  • Regularly assist clients in navigating the U.S. Customs & Border Protection Reconciliation Program including value changes due to intercompany Transfer Price Adjustments.
  • Successfully litigated the tariff classification of various products including women’s body supporting garments, nightwear, canned tomatoes, copier toner, chondroitin sulfate, soft sided coolers and others.
  • Resolved complex CBP compliance audits involving multiple industries.
  • Secured favorable country of origin rulings.
  • Successfully defended or settled False Claims Act (whistleblower) allegations against importers of jewelry, apparel, machine parts, chemicals and other products.
  • Demonstrated eligibility for duty free treatment under various free trade agreements including the African Growth & opportunity Act (AGOA), Israel Free Trade Agreement (IFTA) and United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA formerly NAFTA).
  • Obtained section 301 exclusions for various commodities.
  • Obtained section 232 exclusions for various steel and aluminum commodities.
  • Secured a court settlement allowing for retroactive application of a China section 301 tariff exclusion for certain copier repair kits.
  • Resolved a seizure and criminal investigation in France with regard to the importation of 66 ancient artifacts with the payment of a civil penalty equal to 1% of the value of the goods.
  • Assisted importers in designing multi-country production plans to remove goods from liability for China section 301 tariffs.
  • Obtained favorable tariff classification rulings for a variety of products.
  • Mitigated liquidated damages claims involving the use of solid wood packaging which saved the client in excess of $500,000.
  • Counseled customs brokers on the development of compliance programs to satisfy legal requirements as a result of the regulatory update to the Customs Brokers Regulations.
  • Obtained a favorable Court of International Trade decision overturning CBP’s longstanding position on the dutiability of related party royalties.
  • Obtained multimillion dollar court settlements by challenging CBP’s rejection of first sale transactions.