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Petitions for the Imposition of Antidumping and Countervailing duties on Imports of Aluminum Wire and Cable from China.

Case Summary

I.  Type of Action: Antidumping Duty (“AD”) and Countervailing Duty (“CVD”)

II.  Product: The scope of the petitions covers aluminum wire and cable (“AWC”), which is defined as an assembly of one or more electrical conductors made from 8000 Series Aluminum Alloys, Aluminum Alloy 1350, and/or Aluminum Alloy 6201, provided that: (1) at least one of the electrical conductors is insulated; (2) each insulated electrical conductor has a voltage rating greater than 80 volts and not exceeding 1000 volts; and (3) at least one electrical conductor is stranded and has a size not less than 16.5 kcmil and not greater than 1000 kcmil. The assembly may or may not: (1) include a grounding or neutral conductor; (2) be clad with aluminum, steel, or other base metal; or (3) include a steel support center wire, one or more connectors, a tape shield, a jacket or other covering, and/or filler materials.

Most AWC products conform to National Electrical Code (“NEC”) types THHN, THWN, THWN-2, XHHW-2, USE, USE-2, RHH, RHW, or RHW-2, and also conform to Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”) standards UL-44, UL-83, UL-758, UL-854, UL-1063, UL-1277, UL-1569, UL-1581, or UL-4703, but such conformity is not required for the merchandise to be included within the scope.

The scope of the petitions specifically excludes conductors that are included in equipment already assembled at the time of importation. Also excluded are aluminum wire and cable products in lengths less than six feet.

III.  HTS classifications: The merchandise covered by the petitions is currently classifiable under subheading 8544.49.9000 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (“HTSUS”). Products subject to the petitions may also enter under HTSUS subheading 8544.42.9090. The HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and customs purposes. The written description of the scope of the petitions is dispositive.

IV.  Date of Filing: September 21, 2018

V.  Petitioners: Encore Wire Corporation and Southwire Company, LLC

VI.  Foreign Producers/Exporters

Please contact our office for a list filed with the petition.

VII.  US Importers named.

Please contact our office for a list filed with the petition.

VIII.  Alleged Dumping Margin:
Monmouth: 63.1%;
Wake Forest: 53.2

IX. Comments:

A. Projected date of ITC Preliminary Conference: October 12, 2018.

Please contact our office for a complete projected schedule for the AD investigation.

The earliest theoretical date for retroactive suspension of liquidation for the antidumping duty is November 30, 2018; for countervailing duty is October 11, 2018.

Please contact our office for a complete projected schedule for the CVD investigation.

B. Volume and Value of Imports:

Please contact our office for a summary of the data filed with the petition.

C. List of Alleged Subsidy Programs:

Please contact our office for a list of alleged subsidy programs.

If you have any questions regarding how this investigation may impact future imports of scope merchandise, or whether a particular product is within the scope of the investigation, please contact one of our attorneys.

Type of Action
HTS Classifications
Date of Filing
Foreign Producers and Exporters
US Named Importers
Alleged Dumping Margins
Additional Notes
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