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Petition for the Imposition of Antidumping Duties on Seamless Refined Copper Pipe and Tube from Vietnam

Case Summary

 I.  Type of Action: Antidumping Duty (“AD”): Vietnam

 II.  Product:

The products covered by this petition are identical to those covered by the previous antidumping orders pertaining to SRC tube from the People’s Republic of China and Mexico:

The products covered by the petition are all seamless circular refined copper pipes and tubes, including redraw hollows, greater than or equal to 6 inches (152.4 mm) in length and measuring less than 12.130 inches (308.102 mm) (actual) in outside diameter (“OD”), regardless of wall thickness, bore (e.g., smooth, enhanced with inner grooves or ridges), manufacturing process (e.g., hot finished, cold-drawn, annealed), outer surface (e.g., plain or enhanced with grooves, ridges, fins, or gills), end finish (e.g., plain end, swaged end, flared end, expanded end, crimped end, threaded), coating (e.g., plastic, paint), insulation, attachments (e.g., plain, capped, plugged with compression or other fitting), or physical configuration (e.g., straight, coiled, bent, wound on spools.

The scope of the petition covers, but is not limited to, seamless refined copper pipe and tube produced or comparable to the American Society for Testing and Materials (“ASTM”) ASTM-B42, ASTM-B68, ASTM-B75, ASTM-B88, ASTM-B88M, ASTM-Bl88, ASTM-B251, ASTM-B251M, ASTM-B280, ASTM-B302, ASTM-B306, ASTM-B359, ASTM-B743, ASTM-B819, and ASTM-B903 specifications and meeting the physical parameters described therein.

Also included within the scope of the petition are all sets of covered products, including “line sets” of seamless refined copper tubes (with or without fittings or insulation) suitable for connecting an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump to an indoor evaporator unit. The phrase “all sets of covered products” denotes any combination of items put up for sale that is comprised of merchandise subject to the scope.

“Refined copper” is defined as: (1) metal containing at least 99.85 percent by weight of copper; or (2) metal containing at least 97 .5 percent by weight of copper, provided that the content by weight of any other element does not exceed the following limits:

Element Limiting Content Percent By Weight
Ag-Silver 0.25
As-Arsenic 0.5
Cd-Cadmium 1.3
Cr-Chromium 1.4
Mg-Magnesium 0.8
Pb-Lead 1.5
S-Sulfur 0.7
Sn-Tin 0.8
Te-Tellurium 0.8
Zn-Zinc 1.0
Zr-Zirconium 0.3
Other elements (each) 0.3

Excluded from the scope of the petition are all seamless circular hollows of refined copper less than 12 inches in length whose OD (actual) exceeds its length.

III.  HTS classifications:

The products subject to the petition are currently classifiable under subheading 7411.10.1030 and 7411.10.1090 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (“HTSUS”). Products subject to the petition may also enter under HTSUS subheadings 7407.10.1500, 7419.99.5050, 8415.90.8065, and 8415.90.8085. Although the HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and customs purposes, the written description of the scope of the petition is dispositive.

IV.  Date of Filing: June 30, 2020

V.  Petitioners: American Copper Tube Coalition and its constituent members, which are all U.S. producers of SRC tube. The Coalition members are the Mueller Group and Cerro Flow Products, LLC.

VI.  Foreign Producers/Exporters:

Please contact our office for a list filed with the petition.

VII.  US Importers named:

Please contact our office for a list filed with the petition.

VIII.  Alleged Dumping Margins:

Vietnam: 110.51 percent.

IX.  Comments:

A.  Projected date of ITC Preliminary Conference: July 21, 2020.

B.  The earliest theoretical date for retroactive suspension of liquidation for the AD is September 8, 2020.

Please contact our office for a complete projected schedule for the AD investigation.

C.  Volume and Value of Imports:

Please contact our office for a summary of the data filed with the petition.

If you have questions regarding how this investigation may impact future imports of scope merchandise or whether a particular product is within the scope of the investigation, please contact one of our attorneys.

Type of Action
HTS Classifications
Date of Filing
Foreign Producers and Exporters
US Named Importers
Alleged Dumping Margins
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