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Petition for the Imposition of Antidumping Duties on Certain Preserved Mushrooms from France, Netherlands, Poland, and Spain

Case Summary

I.  Type of Action: Antidumping Duty (“AD”): France, Netherlands, Poland, and Spain.

II.  Product:

The merchandise covered by this investigation is certain preserved mushrooms, whether imported whole, sliced, diced, or as stems and pieces. The preserved mushrooms covered under this investigation are the genus Agaricus. “Preserved mushrooms” refer to mushrooms that have been prepared or preserved by cleaning, blanching, and sometimes slicing or cutting. These mushrooms are then packed and heat sterilized in containers each holding a net drained weight of not more than 12 ounces (340.2 grams), including but not limited to cans or glass jars, in a suitable liquid medium, including but not limited to water, brine, butter, or butter sauce. Preserved mushrooms may be imported whole, sliced, diced, or as stems and pieces.

III.  HTS classifications:

The merchandise subject to these investigations is classifiable under subheadings 2003.10.0127, 2003.10.0131, and 2003.10.0137 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (“HTSUS”). The subject merchandise may also be classified under HTSUS subheadings 2003.10.0143, 2003.10.0147, and 2003.10.0153.

IV.  Date of Filing: March 31, 2022

V.  Petitioners: Giorgio Foods, Inc.

VI.  Foreign Producers/Exporters:

Please contact our office for a list filed with the petition.

VII.  US Importers named:

Please contact our office for a list filed with the petition.

VIII.  Alleged Dumping Margins:

France:           116.56-344.77%         Netherlands: 126.05-152.36%
Poland:           21.82-31.90%             Spain:             6.38-139.83%

IX.  Comments:

A.  Projected date of ITC Preliminary Conference: April 21, 2022.

B.  The earliest theoretical date for retroactive suspension of liquidation for the AD is June 9, 2022.

Please contact our office for a complete projected schedule for the AD investigation.

C.  Volume and Value of Imports:

Please contact our office for a summary of the data filed with the petition.

If you have questions regarding how this investigation may impact future imports of scope merchandise or whether a particular product is within the scope of the investigation, please contact one of our attorneys.

Type of Action
HTS Classifications
Date of Filing
Foreign Producers and Exporters
US Named Importers
Alleged Dumping Margins
Additional Notes
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