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Important Reminder: Permit User Fee and Triennial Status Report

CBP posted a Notice reminding the brokerage community that the Customs Brokers User Fee Payment for 2021 is due by January 29, 2021.  The fee ($150.33 for each local permit and national permit) is to be paid annually in each broker district where the broker was issued a permit to do business.  Fees must be submitted in hard copy to the Permitting Port for District permits and to the licensing port for National permits.

Additionally, another CBP Notice was posted to remind every licensed broker (individual, corporation, partnership, and association) that they are required to file with CBP a Status Report every three years.  The next report is due February 28, 2021.  These can be filed beginning December 15, 2020.  A fee ($100.00 for each license) must accompany the status report and the report.  Customs Broker Triennial Status Report and fee submissions can be made online via the eCBP portal ( ), which accepts credit card, debit card, and digital wallet (e.g. PayPal and Amazon Pay) payments. No additional fees are charged for any payments and receipts are provided electronically. We recommend that you should assure you receive and retain a filing receipt or proof of delivery/receipt of your Status Report and payment.

Remember, it is every individual license holder’s responsibility to assure the status report is filed timely.  If applicable, licensed customs brokers must include an employee list with each status report submitted to CBP in accordance with 19 CFR § 111.28(b).  Broker employee lists can be uploaded as .CSV, .PDF, WORD, or EXCEL file attachments.  A failure to timely file the status report will result suspension of the customs broker’s license. If the customs broker takes no further action, the license may be revoked by operation of law, without prejudice.

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