Important Reminder: Permit User Fee

On November 29, CBP posted a Federal Register Notice reminding the brokerage community that the Customs Brokers User Fee Payment for 2017 is due by February 3, 2017.

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Government of Greece Arrests Dozens for Looting Ancient Treasures

Greek law enforcement arrested dozens of people and recovered large caches of looted archaeological finds resulting in the identification of a major smuggling ring (see below link). U.S. dealers, collectors and auctions houses need beware. Since Greece passed a National Ownership Law in 1926, much of what has been looted and sold to and through European and U.S. auction houses, museums, dealers, collectors and institutions might become not so good news.  Invariably, customs efforts, border controls and customs documentation tell the tale of who possibly purchased one or some of the looted objects. At GDLSK, we monitor such cases and advise clients on how best to respond should it be discovered that one or some of such items were innocently purchased or consigned and sold through you. Contact James McAndrew via email or phone at 212-973-7706 for more information.


Frank J. Desiderio will speak at the Czech Fashion Law Association program held in Prague, Czech Republic on October 12, 2016

Frank J. Desiderio will speak at the Czech Fashion Law Association program held in Prague, Czech Republic on October 12, 2016.

His panel will consist of representatives from the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic and Czech Trade Consultants.

The topic will be “Exporting Fashion Products to the U.S.”


Update on ADD/CVD Compliance and the New Enforce and Protect Regulations

Erik Smithweiss will be presenting a webinar for the NCBFAA on Tuesday September 20, 2016 regarding antidumping duty and countervailing duty (ADD/CVD) compliance for brokers and importers, including the new ADD/CVD evasion provisions in the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015.  He will joined by Carrie Owens, the Acting Director of Operations for the EAPA and E-Allegations Division in the Trade Remedy & Law Enforcement (CTE) directorate in the Office of Trade, U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  In this position, Ms. Owens oversees the implementation of CBP's recent Enforce and Protect Act (EAPA) regulations in 19 CFR Part 165, which cover the Investigation of Claims of Evasion of Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Orders. 

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Duty Savings Opportunity for Leather Handbag Importers

Importers of leather handbags may have the opportunity to reduce their duty rate on some styles by more than half by reclassifying their products.

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