Antidumping, Countervailing Duty and Other Import Relief Laws

Other Cases

§201 - Escape Clause

  • Leather Wearing Apparel
  • Cooking Ware
  • Clothes Pins

§406 - Market Disruption

  • Clothes Pins from China
  • Tungsten Products from China
  • Ductile Iron Waterworks Fittings from China


  • §301 Investigations, European Community
  • §301 Investigations, People's Republic of China
  • §301 Semiconductors from Japan
  • §337 Investigations on Vertical Milling Machines, Woodworking Machines, Skateboards and Calculators
  • Lanham Act Cases on Bicycles from China and Railroad Freight Car Bearings from Germany, Ball Bearings from Germany and Japan

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